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How to enjoy sex for a longer time with proper diet?

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5.1 What is the normal time to erection?
5.2 Why do I ejaculate too early?
5.3 Should I see a doctor?
6 Would Viagra help me make sex last longer?
6.1 Am I going to have to take premature ejaculation pills all the time?
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All the things you should know about premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be a rather embarrassing experience, especially when you would like to impress a new partner. Apart from that, it can rob you of your confidence; feeling ashamed for not being able to satisfy your partner in bed is extremely uncomfortable and can cause further psychological detriment. Things like premature ejaculation can really ruin a relationship. On the bright side of things, however, we have a number of treatments you can use to solve the problem. Here are some simple tips on what premature ejaculation is and how you can do away with it.

A US-based study undertaken by the Cleveland Clinic has revealed that, by the age of forty, the same percentage (40%) of all men within the scope of the study did have erection problems of some sorts. The majority of these cases (70%) was erection and premature ejaculation issues. Efforts were exerted to solve this unfortunate problem, resulting in a range of possible solutions now available.

Ejaculation delaying techniques

Keeping it up in bed for a longer time is great for both yourself and your partner. First of all, it leaves your partner satisfied. The most important thing, however, is that you are able to actually enjoy sex yourself. Think you get it done way too fast? Some tricks can help you do better even without any medications.

  • Kegel Exercises: a series of exercises developed to train your pelvic muscles. This is a good thing to start with, as it trains your own body to perform better, and may yield excellent results.
  • Calm down: you do not need to do it that hard and fast. The way rabbits do it is not quite suitable for us. Foreplay is a vital component of an enjoyable intercourse; pay it more attention. Your partner will probably agree that there is no need to penetrate at once.
  • Edging: in this specific context, this word means a well-known technique that lets your genitals hold it back for longer. It’s all blunt and simple. What you need to do is masturbate; when you feel that you are about to ejaculate, stop and see if you can refrain from ejaculating until you calm back down. If successful, repeat it a number of times. This way, you can learn how to hold it.
  • Other sexual activities: the greatest thing about sex is its diversity. It is much more than putting one organ into another. Consider pleasing your lady with other stimulation techniques, such as cunnilingus. This way, even if you will not be able to last that long yourself, you can be sure that she will be much pleased.
  • Condoms: a nuisance for some people, the inevitable dampening of tactile sensations when wearing a condom can actually be good for you in this particular scenario. While not exactly a cure for premature ejaculation, a condom can still extend your wonderful in bed by several minutes or so. These minutes can make a great difference for the lady.
  • Premature ejaculation pills: if you think that the situation is dire, you can try some of these. Such medications usually deliver a very efficient result.

Dapoxetine: an ejaculation delayer drug

As the name implies, premature ejaculation pills help you extend your time in bed. Ejaculation is delayed by the active substance Dapoxetine, supplied in doses of 60 mg. See our product range for information about the dosage, action and potential side effects of Dapoxetine. It is wise to perceive medicinal treatment as a complementary measure to other methods, such as the ones we have just described briefly above. Moreover, you may discover that some pills just do not produce the effect you need. Given the prevalence of the problem, vendors offer a multitude of medications that supposedly help you deal with the premature ejaculation problem. The truth is, only a few of these are of any good.

Before you decide on taking PE pills, take some time to reflect on the following considerations:

  • Well-known brands with ample positive user feedback are more likely to produce the desired effect.
  • Price should not be the first priority. No matter how cheap a pill is, just one penny would still be too expensive if it doesn’t work.
  • Do some research to learn a little about the premature ejaculation medication industry and identify the brands that seem to be the most reliable. Usually, these are the brands that have already been around for a while and designed their products in reliance upon profound research, also keeping customer reviews in mind.
  • Finding the right pill may require trying out several of these before you hit the spot.

Another thing to keep in mind is that premature ejaculation has nothing to do with erectile dysfunction. Premature ejaculation is one problem; inability to maintain an erection is a different thing. Even the greatest PE pill won’t help you enjoy your sexual life properly if you have erection-related issues. If this is the case, you should consider undertaking a comprehensive treatment course rather than focusing on individual aspects.

How to enjoy sex for a longer time with proper diet?

As with many other bodily problems, Mother Nature is here to help us out. Even though actual scientific research on the correlation between one’s ration and the time to orgasm is a scarce thing to find, people who tried that do report some quite satisfying results. It won’t hurt to try it then.

4 Foods that keep you harder for longer

  • Green onions: green onion seeds have long been known to act as an aphrodisiac to an extent. Adding these to your diet could turn out to be rather beneficial for dealing with your PE problem. For better digestion, you may want to try grinding the seeds and drinking them with water for three times a day.
  • Ginger and honey: ginger is absolutely great for the genital area thanks to its capability to enhance the blood flow. As you may know, erection occurs when the body fills the penis up with blood, so this spicy plant can come in handy. Better blood supply to the genital area also gives you better control of your tactile sensations and the resulting ejaculation. Honey is very healthy all around; in this particular case, it boosts the effect of ginger.
  • Garlic: while it may not be the best thing to eat right before a date, it can have a great effect on your body as yet another natural aphrodisiac, which also stimulates the blood flow in your pelvic area. Such combined effect could yield great results for your sexual life. It is also known for a vast variety of other beneficial effects on one’s health. Keeping an eye on your diet is always nice, so if your premature ejaculation problem motivates you to improve your ration, the better.
  • Asparagus: asparagus roots can also be of use to those willing to develop greater control over ejaculations. Boil these in milk or water and drink two times a day in order to see whether it helps.

As with any diet, however, simply eating the specified foods is not a failsafe way to produce a great result. The right thing to do is to balance your diet. Workouts will do you lots of good as well. Men in good physical shape are less likely to have any premature ejaculation problems.


What is the normal time to erection?

The question of how long a man should be able to last in bed is, mildly speaking, a controversial one. Longer does not necessarily mean better; taking too long can be rather uncomfortable for both you and your partner. Finishing it too early, however, is not a very good thing either. First of all, the time to ejaculation is a very individual factor.

There is a vast number of other factors affecting this time, such as how aroused you are. It is known that men who did not have sex for a long time do ejaculate faster than those who have sex or masturbate regularly.

The first thing to understand is whether you do have a premature ejaculation problem at all. The easiest way to tell that is, naturally, the time to ejaculation. Researchers went as far as to do a study involving 500 heterosexual men, and, according to the findings, the median time to ejaculation was 5.4 minutes. Doesn’t seem too long, but this means that if you can do it for longer than five minutes, you are all right. You may still think that you would like to last longer, on the other hand. Nevertheless, if your ejaculation time is below that five-minute threshold, this may be indicative of the premature ejaculation problem. This is when you ought to start looking for a way to improve it.

Why do I ejaculate too early?

Reasons can be different. You can do something about quite a few of these; other causes, however, may be beyond your control. As with many aspects of sexual life, normal time to ejaculation depends on your overall health. Your physical fitness determines your sexual performance to a great extent. Conditions causing an increased PE risk include thyroid problems, high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus.

Needless to say, this is affected by your lifestyle as well. Excessive consumption of alcohol and use of recreational drugs, including tobacco, can also be associated with premature ejaculation. Sexual performance is heavily affected by stress, which can cause you to ejaculate prematurely, in particular. Just like with erectile dysfunction, men who concern themselves too much with how well they perform in bed eventually find themselves in trouble.

While it is great if you want to please your partner as much as you can, too much doubt about that can backfire. This is called “performance anxiety”, and can be one of the reasons for premature ejaculation. It is essentially the same thing with ED of psychological genesis. In anticipation of an intercourse, a person with previous PE/ED experience may feel frustrated and anxious, which does not let them calm down and increases the risk of failure. Just a few such instances can develop into a long-term sexual health issue requiring professional aid. You may want to read this blog for more information.

Should I see a doctor?

Most people will do better with pills, but some may find that these won’t help. Professional assistance is always highly appreciated in many areas, even more so if it is about your own health, so a visit to a doctor is generally a good idea. However, a single premature ejaculation is not a reason to start taking PE medicine at once. Being overly excited can cause this, and it happens to everyone every once in a while. By itself, this does not mean an immediate premature ejaculation diagnosis for you.

If its starts happening too often, however, it seems like a good time to take action. Proper market-grade pills of good quality should help, of course. If, on the contrary, even good products from reputable retailers cannot help you delay an ejaculation for a sufficient time, consider seeking expert advice.

An expert can develop a customised treatment plan that will suit your own individual needs best. Apart from that, premature ejaculation can be indicative of certain other health problems. An examination of your case by an expert can reveal and eliminate these before things get worse.

Would Viagra help me make sex last longer?

Conventional wisdom often regards the “blue pill” as the ultimate answer to all sexual health problems. These are said to produce an improvement of one’s sexual vigour, which is quite true. Yet, these can be of little help if the problem is premature ejaculation. In most cases, premature ejaculation does not have anything to do with erection or lack thereof.

Even a full-fledged erection would hardly prevent you from ejaculating faster than needed if this problem is common; in fact, it could even make things worse. There is nothing bad about taking ED treatment pills if you need these, but if your problem is premature ejaculation, it is best to take care of it before attending to any other matters.

Am I going to have to take premature ejaculation pills all the time?

When you start taking any drug, you usually want to know how long you are going to need it. With PE medications, it all depends on how fast you get the desired result. Some people may require the help of PE pills only temporarily. A few weeks’ course gets them back to normal, and the problem is solved. Sometimes, however, the problem can re-emerge after the end of the therapy.

This means that achieving your goal is going to take a longer time. Thankfully, the experience behind the major premature ejaculation drugs allows minimising the appurtenant risk of side effects. Even prolonged treatment courses with high-quality PE medications are very unlikely to cause any subsequent problems. While premature ejaculation pills can actually become a regular thing (same goes for Viagra), there is no need to be ashamed. These help you improve your sexual life and regain the ability to enjoy sex.


Sex is an integral part of our nature, one of those that make us distinctly “human”. It is a shame when someone is unable to enjoy it as one should. The problem of developing and keeping an erection, however, is a concern for most men. We also have the problem of women being dissatisfied with those one-minute intercourses. This is quite embarrassing, as one must admit. Aside from a painful blow to your confidence and self-esteem, it can ruin a beautiful and romantic relationship.

Premature ejaculation pills on Amazon

Unfortunately, medications like premature ejaculation pills are unavailable on Amazon. Instead, however, you can buy these over-the-counter from our online store. We accept SEPA payments, as well as PayPal and BTC.

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